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Society Registration in India?

A society refers to an association where more than two people come together to do partake in charitable activities for the people. To that end, you can refer to a society as a Non Profit Association. However, to get the full benefit of such an association, you need to get Society registration in Delhi. A Co operative society registration is done in a co-operative manner for non profit purposes to do something for the society

What is the purpose of Society Registration in India?

These societies are registered or the purpose of advancing certain charitable activities like: sports, art, culture, music, religion, education etc. To be more specific, following is the purpose of cooperative society online registration:

  1. Promoting fine arts in India: There are many associations who commit to new society registration because they want to promote regional fine arts across the country.
  2. Providing political education: Sometimes, online society registration is done by those who want to diffuse political education about a particular political ideology.
  3. Granting charitable aid: The common reasons to register cooperative society is to help people. most application of registration of society online tends to be about granting charitable assistance to the people.
  4. Promoting science and literature: Certain association opts for society registration certificate online to create an education centre to education students in matters of sciences and literature.
  5. Creating funds for the military orphans: Certain bodies exist to cater to the needs of military families in India. Such bodies opt to register society online to establish a society.
  6. Natural history collections: There are many regions in where online registration of cooperative society happens for the sake of creating a body that maintains historical collections.

Requirement for Society Registration

State vs National Level:

There must be seven-person as Desirous Person / Governing Body to form a society however for national level they must represent seven different states.

No Blood Relative:

Among the founder members/governing body there must not be any blood relative. The president of the society has to give an affidavit to this effect that there is no blood relative in the gov body

No Distribution of Profit:

The society though can engage in profit generation activities, however the profits of such a NGO can not be shared to its members.

MOA & Rules of Society:

The MOA of the society prescribe the objects for which it is created, and the rules are the guidelines for internal working of the society.

Documents Require for Society Registration

Documents of members

  1. Self attested copy of Pan card & Aadhar card
  2. Address Proof
  3. Passport Size Photograph

Registered Office Documents

  1. Rent Agreement with Name of Trust or Electricity bill
  2. NOC from owner of Premises
  3. Filled Questionnaire form

Stepwise Process of Society Registration

Selection Of Name

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Drafting Of MOA And By Laws

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Registration Of Society

The registrar of societies are then approached with an application along with the signed MOA, by rules, affidavits and KYC documents of desirous person and officials. After verification of documents the Certificate of Registration of Society is issued.

PAN, TAN And Bank A/C

After registration of the society the next step is to apply for allotment of Pan Number and TAN and thereafter opening of a bank A/c for collection of membership fees, subscription charges or donations as the case may be.

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