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For taking a business loan from the bank for a new start-up business, the borrower must represent the project report of their business. All the necessary requirements and official documents have to be submitted with the project report. The project report should be such that it should represent the idea of the whole business and can be easily understood by the reader.
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Point must should covered under Project Report

Creating a project report is a very difficult task for all entrepreneurs. A project report -also known as a Business plan is an important document when going for a bank loan. A good project report may contain the following details. 

Introductory page

  • On this page, the introduction of your new business is to be given
  • The aim of the business and on what purpose you have chosen this business all these points should be mentioned in this introductory part

Summary of the project

  • Summary of the project should consist of the overall status of the business
  • Time to be consumed in working or manufacturing something should be there
  • The budget of the whole business should also be mentioned

Project Scope

  • Scope of your business should be clearly described
  • It should contain the percentage of work that you planned and the percentage of planned work that has already been completed
  • Quick overview of results and planning of next steps should be included

Promoters Details

  • The promoters are the mediator for the business which helps for the promotion of the business
  • The details of the promoters and their educational qualifications and work experiences etc. should also be given in the report

Employees Detail

  • The details about the employees working this business should be written
  • Their educational qualifications should also be mentioned
  • The work experiences and details about the top management should also be written

Infrastructure Facilities

  • Information about infrastructure facilities should also be mentioned like whether the tools have been deployed or not
  • Also, write about the conditions of the operational premises and what all are used
  • Types of machinery used in the business should also be mentioned

Customer Details

  • Information about customers should be well written like, what are the types of customers you have targeted for selling your business items
  • The prospective customer’s details should also be mentioned like is they from the big organization and also what is their capacity of buying goods in this business

Regional Operations

  • Many times a company opens branches in different areas or regions. The branches may be set up nationally and internationally, as per the requirements
  • When you make a project report you have to write about the different setups you made in which region and also write about the operation teams

Fiscal Acquisitions and Tie-ups

This section of project report provides details about those your business have partnered with or which shares or acquistions the company has made, with all of the specifics include in the report.

Financing Options

  • Financing for the firm might come from a financial institution, business partners or someplace else
  • As a result, its critical to know where the money from, and this information must be included in the report

Balance Sheets

  • Balance sheets tell about where the money has been spent
  • Also in what areas and fields the spending has been done is also noted. Thus all the accounts of the business will be seen in this balance sheet
  • It is important to show the balance sheets of your company to the bank and it should also be mentioned in the report

Profit and Loss Statements

  • The P & L Contains Information on how much profit the firm can earn as well as how much money the firm is already generating.
  • If the company is profitable or not, the financial fiqures must be provided to the bank and include in the report.

Fund Flow Statement

The funding given by any corporate or government and where it is used and in what fields of business the funding is flowing should be mentioned in the project report

Break-Even Points Evaluations

Assign Each point to each section of the project report and descrive everything regarding your company.

Project Feasibility Ratio

Project Feasibility Ratio Deciding on the ratio of cost, discounts, and revenue


In this conclude your whole project report in the short paragraph not more than two pages registration, gst registration, trademark registration

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Frequently Asked Questions

A: A project report is a detailed document that describes a project’s objectives, scope, methodology, findings, and conclusions. It is typically prepared at the end of a project and serves as a record of the project’s progress and outcomes.

A: The purpose of a project report is to communicate the project’s goals, progress, and outcomes to stakeholders such as project sponsors, team members, and clients. It also serves as a reference for future projects and helps to identify areas for improvement.

A: A project report should include the project’s background, objectives, methodology, findings, conclusions, and recommendations. It may also include a project timeline, budget, and resource allocation information.

A: The intended audience for a project report may include project sponsors, team members, clients, and other stakeholders who have a vested interest in the project’s outcomes.

A: To write an effective project report, you should be clear and concise in your writing, provide supporting data and evidence, use visual aids to illustrate key points, and provide a clear summary of the project’s outcomes and conclusions. It is also important to proofread and edit the report carefully to ensure accuracy and clarity.